Goals groups help people set and achieve their goals, stay motivated and become more resilient.

With the help of your goals group, you will learn to let go of perfectionism. You will become more resilient, cultivate creativity, experience more joy and self-confidence, and let go of fear.

You will stop feeling like you have to hustle for worthiness. Instead of feeling guilt and shame about not being enough, you will come to own your own story as your group helps you appreciate how your talents and abilities emerge from experience. In your goals group, vulnerability will create points of connection that leads you to greater compassion — both for one’s self and for others.

You’ll stop squandering your time racing around all day doing meaningless bullshit, multi-tasking, and always feeling like you're behind on your work.

You will learn to move past discomfort as you fall, get up and try again. You group will help you to remember that no one is perfect; everyone faces challenge. Perseverance and determination reveal our character. When we are finally able to say “I did it!” our group knows exactly how much courage and grit it took to get there. High-fives from a goals group are priceless rewards. They are better than gold. They make us want to push just a little further and do even more with our lives.

Whether you call it an "Accountability Group," "Peer Success Group," "Kitchen Cabinet," or "Board of Directors Club," your goals group will help you achieve more than you ever dreamed possible.