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Years ago, while teaching a college course in Small Group Communication, I began to make note of articles and websites about goal support groups.  But, I didn't really know how to get a group started.  One New Years Eve, I resolved to make more progress on my writing goals. I decided it was finally time to stop dawdling.  It was time to actually start a Goals Group.  After I learned out how to do it, I became eager to share the information with others. 

The process of creating a goals support group is actually very simple once you have the steps.  After reading the information on this blog, you might be similarly motivated to try it yourself.

While researching goal support groups, I learned that self-control is sustained throughout a person’s life by the availability "commitment devices": social institutions such as churches, mosques, synagogues, extended families, tight-knit neighborhoods or support groups.  They are essential to our well-being because they are like nets that catch us when we begin to falter and fall.  People who join 12-Step groups have experience with this.  Yet, no matter where we are in life, we all need real, live, fully human commitment devices in our lives (as the articles in the Recommended Reading section attest).  We live in an ever more virtual and fragmented world; the need to interact face-to-face with others is greater than it's ever been.

Anyone and everyone can have goal support group of their own.  They cost next to nothing to start, motivate people to stay with their plans, and are very rewarding.  In addition, goal support groups help people find their soul's code, their genius, their calling.  They enable us to hear the call of our lives.

The authors of The Group write:
"Something interesting happens when you state what you want out loud in front of people who believe in you and support you in achieving your goals.  You start believing, too.  Believing you can have what you want is an important aspect of creating what you want.  When you surround yourself with supportive people who encourage you to dream and remind you that anything is possible, believing and creating become easier.  Other people are not aware of the limitations you may place on yourself from past experiences or setbacks.  Others see you more objectively.  They see the whole you.  They believe in you -- sometimes even more than you believe in yourself." 
In a Goals Groups, you have greater faith in your innate talent and abilities.  And you can let go of the belief that you have to do everything on your own.

As I come across more information about goal support groups, my plan is to post it to this blog.  People are creating Goals Groups in many parts of the globe. I hope this blog can be a point of connection.

Thanks for reading and please enjoy the information on this website. 
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